Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Day with A New Reason To Celebrate Life with Texas Artist Laurie Pace

I could not believe this morning... it started with RAIN!

The sound of rain on the roof awakened us early this morning.  I had prayed all the way home from Dallas yesterday asking God in His Mercy to bring some change to our weather patterns. This summer has devastated our beloved state of Texas. A type of anxiety and depression looms over the population with the now 74 days of temperatures over 100 degrees compared to the average of only six days at 100 or above.  Seventy four days will probably spread this week to seventy-five, seventy-six or even seventy-seven but then it ends. The two week forecast I saw late last night showed rain chances Thursday, Friday and Saturday and temperatures back in the low nineties. Then next week there was even a day showing the highs in the eighties.  This is a day to celebrate life... the hope with a promise from Him to give us exactly what is needed in our His time and not ours. A New Day. A New Reason to Celebrate.

Relief spread through my entire body and I cried in praise and thanksgiving for His Mercy. This has been a summer none of us will ever forget.

Texas is a state known for 'just wait an hour, the weather will change'. Not only that, Texas has five distinct regions through out the state creating a different living environment in each area. This summer the drought hit all of the regions sparing no one the excessive heat and dry lands.  Cities caught totally with no water as their resources dried up and evaporated. How does a city or town survive without water? Across Texas fires burned at will from early spring and are still going strong now here at the end of August.  

I am unsure where this blog will go... but with a prayer in my heart and a plan in place, I hope you will join me on this journey.  I am A Texas Artist.


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